Snow Stake Install Tool

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  • Impact Tested Powder Coated Steel
  • Kick Plate For Easy Ground Protrusion
  • Hollowed End Piece For Slide Hammer Application
  • 6" Spike For Frozen Ground Penetration
  • 5/16" Diameter 

Discount Snow Stakes offers the premiere driveway marker installation tool on the market. This tool allows you to easily puncture frozen or hard ground and use the tool as a slide hammer to drive the snow marker into the ground. Simply press down on the kick plate of the snow marker install tool and make the hole to place the stake in. Flip over and use the slide hammer snow stake install feature to drive the stake as deep into the ground as needed.

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Anonymous customer
Not the best quality but it does work.
Anonymous customer
Would not try to install stakes any other way.
Anonymous customer
I first tried it at my house, it works great. Gravel driveway, frozen dirt worked well.
Anonymous customer
Excellent product for installing driveway markers and excellent follow-up by the company when the wrong product was originally shipped. (not discountsnowstakes error, but they followed thru & corrected the issue)
Anonymous customer
So far so good
Anonymous customer
Worked like a charm.
Thomas O.
Was extremely satisfied with how easy the Install tool worked. It's the first time I was able to install the stakes without breaking any and also have them perfectly straight. A big plus.
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