4 Ft Garden Stakes - Fiberglass Eco Friendly Plant Stakes

  • 4 ft Garden Stakes
  • Commercial Grade SUPER SUPER FIBERGLASS SNOW STAKES Fiberglass
  • 5/16" Diameter
  • Featherweight, but VERY tough
  • Armortech Materialsdriveway markers trademark
  • UV & Chemical Resistant
  • Rust Proof

Our award winning garden stakes are the highest quality fiberglass plant stake on the market. With our proprietary super fiberglass, you can count on the ultimate planting product to support your green life. Our epoxy blend of materials prevents fading in the color of the stake and ensures long life of our premium product. Our signature Criss Cross Rib Pattern design is conducive to growing plants at the optimal level while ensuring a strong grip. We have an arrow tip end for simple and easy installation into the soil. 

  • ECO-FRIENDLY GARDEN STAKES are going to make your life a lot easier! They are 4 feet long and 5/16 inches thick. Perfect to secure floppy plants to get the light they need.
  • FIBERGLASS STAKES are strong and durable as steel stakes, but WILL NOT RUST! Flexible as bamboo stakes, but WILL NOT BREAK and keep the shape! Lightweight as wooden stakes, but WILL NOT ROT OR FRAY! Easy to install with the sharpened end. Easy to cut to any length.
  • LONG LIFE SPAN! Epoxy holds fibers together to prevent blooming, while providing additional UV protection by shading the fibers withing the stake. Attractive Green Color won't come off. These garden stakes can be used from season to season for many years!
  • MULTIPURPOSE UNIVERSAL USE! Application goes beyond regular use such as tomato stakes, cucumber posts and tree support. Secure your vines, trees, shrubs, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, perennials, or other garden and flowering plants. Can be used as marker stakes or fence pins.
  • BONUS!!! First garden stakes on market that have PATTERNED SURFACE RIBS designed specifically for growing plants and climbing fruits. Looks great in any garden! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return them for a full refund.


  • Plant & Tree Support
  • Tomato Stakes & Cucumber Posts
  • Eggplant Stakes, Pole Bean Stakes
  • Training Stakes, Nursery Stakes
  • Marker Stakes
  • Poultry Netting Fence
  • Pea Young Plant Stand, Secure Shrubs
  • Vineyard Stakes, Build Grape Trellises or Teepees, Hail Netting Post