You use driveway reflectors? Get rid of em! Heres why

driveway marker

driveway reflectorMany home owners and smaller snow removal companies are using the plastic driveway marker reflectors. These are the little guys to the right of this post right here —-> These are convenient for a few different reasons, for one, they dont look bad… these driveway markers are cute and solar powered! So its like you’re going green right? WRONG. Also, they are easy to get and reasonably priced, any hardware store sells them for $.89-$1.50. Well, Let me address these issues and show you why to stick with fiberglass snow markers and get rid of the driveway reflectors.

1. It’s the opposite of going green – Not only are these made out of plastic which is terrible for the environment but they also have an LED battery inside which is also unnecessary and can be harmful. The battery works for the first few weeks but eventually fades. Don’t believe me? Drive around your neighborhood at night and look at the driveway markers, there is no glaring light coming from these things. Also, they are extremely breakable, brittle even. This means they don’t last as long, which makes you buy more and waste more.


discount snow stakes

2. Price – Let’s even start with the low end to make the driveway reflector argument fair…… $.89 sounds great right? Well, like I stated above, they break so quick, you will probably end up buying multiple batches to line your driveway and keep it marked for snow plows and you’re up to $1.78 per snow marker because you had to buy multiple. Our snow stakes are $1.24/stake and have all the bells and whistles, which leads me to my next point.

3. There are only a few things you need to worry about with snow stakes and snow markers. First is installation, Discount Snow Stakes easily go into the ground with no hassle and have a protective cap to protect the stake. Driveway reflectors need to be pushed or lightly tapped in which can cause damage immediately, if the ground is frozen, forget it. Also, night visibility, sure that snow marker looks like its going to shine like a traffic light, sadly it dulls out very quick and provides very little guidance in the dark. Lastly, durability, thin and plastic, or rugged high quality fluorescent fiberglass? WHICH WOULD YOU PICK? 

Choice is easy, don’t waste your money, use what the pros use! Not plastic driveway markers but