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yeit snow stakes

Snow Stakes season is here. It’s pretty much 80 degrees across the country, but still, it’s a good time to get your order in for your driveway markers. 

And yes, FREE hoodies are back and with a new design. We have a limited amount left, so it will be first come first serve for any order of 1500 or more snow stakes.

hooded sweat shirt, free gift, snow stakes

Even if we run out, we have plenty of other free gifts to offer for smaller refill orders and our other customers.

Discount snow stakes is the best company to order from for your commercial snow removal needs. Snow plowing requires many high quality but cheap products. Snow shovels are essential for effective sidewalk snow removal management. Driveway markers discounted and cheap are essential and fiberglass is the choice for most snow plowing pros. Plow rubber is important for municipal plowing and we have the best plow rubber cutting edges available. Also, we carry the nation’s most popular walk behind salt spreader.