Best Ways To Install Your Snow Markers and Driveway Stakes


snow markersThe benefits of using fiberglass snow markers instead of wood are endless. Having the reflective tape on the marker alone makes them a great investment. The installation process of the snow markers is where you really save your money.

It’s extremely simple to install driveway markers. If the ground is warm, it is as simple at striking them into the ground, no prep, no tool, nothing. The snow markers just push into the ground. 

install your driveway stakes with this toolIf the ground is frozen, it can be a little more complicated to install your driveway markers. A tool can come in handy here, the one pictured on the right is a good one. It simply punctures a hole in the ground, you then flip the install tool upside and use it as a slide hammer to install the snow stake to the desired depth.

Having a high quality fiberglass snow marker is extremely important regarding the ease of installation. If you are a homeowner and are going to be installing 10-50 on your property, you may be able to get away with an economical marker like this one, but if you are a serious snow removal contractor, it is very important to get a snow marker that is heavy duty and can handle the elements. Email me or comment with any questions at all.