3 Most Important Spots To Mark Your Driveway With Snow Stakes

Staking your driveway with fiberglass markers is important so the plow driver can determine where the driveway ends and the landscape begins. Depending on the size of the driveway, something as simple as putting up some stakes can be a little confusing. As long as three main areas of the driveway are staked, the snow plow driver should be able to safely and effectively plow your driveway without causing any damage to your property. Snow Stake Mascot

First is the entrance to the driveway. It is important to use snow stakes on the entrance so the plow truck driver can identify your particular driveway in a storm. Also, that he knows where to begin plowing and how much distance he has to play with between the driveway markers. Without staking the entrance, plow truck drivers usually go over the actual grass and can cause damage with their plows.

The second is any curvatures. If you have a straight driveway, that is pretty self explanatory and won’t require many more stakes. However, curved land on bigger driveways needs to be staked so that the plow truck driver knows where to use caution.

Lastly, your driveway needs to be staked at end points. Every property does not have the luxury of a structure defining the end of a driveway. Some driveways simply stop. This is extremely important to clearly have staked and marked for your plow truck driver.