Are You stocked Up With Snow Stakes & Safety Supplies After Hurricane Sandy?


snow stakes salt spreadersThe east coast just got ravaged by Hurricane Sandy and the Noreaster that ripped through  New England last night. In storms like this, it is extremely important to have the little things taken care of. Stocking up on safety supplies and equipment is essential.

I am just like anyone else, I plan on getting ahead and taking care of the little things, but it seems I always end up scrambling to get what I need at the last minute. Make sure you stock up on your supplies early this year, snow stakes and salt spreaders. I have talked to a ton of customers over the past few days that have been scrambling for walk behind salt spreaders. The Icemaster 3000 is one of those items that are much needed during a storm but impossible to find.

plow trucks prepare for noreasterAlso, I have spoken with many contractors that still have not heard back from properties about their bids. This means that storms that will be coming and the properties won’t be staked. Be prepared and order early. Next day Air service is outrageous with pricing, so being prepared can save you a lot of money. 

If you have any questions on any the driveway markers or walk behind salt spreaders please reach out to us. Storms are coming, be prepared!