Are 4 foot Snow Markers Enough? What Size Stake Do I Really Need?


4 Ft snow stakes are without a doubt the most popular size driveway markers. However, is    4 ft really enough? For most commercial properties 4 foot is sufficient. The snowfall is not heavy enough initially in most areas. The recommended installation depth of a fiberglass marker is 6-12 inches. With a 4 foot snow stake, that leaves only 3 feet of visible surface.

4 ft snow stakes enoughIn most cases this is enough. After the first few snow storms, the plow trucks can use the banks and snow piles as a guide. But in the beginning of the winter season is it enough?

For instance, if a plow driver has an F-250, the height of this truck does not allow the visibility of the 4 foot snow stake the same as it would for a 5 foot snow stakes. The sight line is just too low. 

So for most snow removal contractors, 4 ft stakes will work, but if tight plowing is required and you have higher plow trucks and equipment, 4 ft stakes can be a challenge.