Discount Snow Stakes Uses Social Media For Many Reasons


facebook for snow markers and driveway stakesWe really like staying in contact with our customers. We are always available at the office by phone, but now because of how communication has changed. We at Discount Snow Stakes interact with our customers on many platforms,          Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus to name a few.

This has helped our customers get int ouch with us when they need driveway markers, salt spreaders, technical support, or just want to say hello. Also, it is a great way for us to get in touch with snow stake customers when we have a sale or new products. snow stakes and driveway markers on twitter


Communicating on social media and other avenues such as Plowsite has really opened the door for us to get direct communications with all of you. Please follow and like us to get the many benefits of our social media interactions! Thanks from the Discount Snow Stake Team.


orange 4 ft fiberglass snow stakes