Installing Driveway Markers In Tough Soil And Gravel

Installing driveway markers in October is a simple enough task. It’s as easy as hammering a nail into a piece of wood. However, as it gets colder throughout November and December, it can be a labor intensive process. Also, on more compact hard ground, driveway markers can give you fits trying to install. Gravel type applications can be even more challenging.

driveway markers install toolOne of the simplest ways to get your driveway markers into the ground is using our installing tool. This is a simple metal framed tube. It has a small kick plate at the end that allows you to push down with your foot and create a six inch hole for the snow marker to go into. The driveway marker install tool also has a hollow top. You place this over the driveway marker and push down using the tool as a slide hammer. 

Driveway marker installation is a necessary evil in the snow removal business. So as mentioned earlier, try and get your markers in by the end of October or early November. This is the best way to make the install process go smooth and quick.

Below is Discount Snow Stake video showing how to use the driveway marker install tool. If you ever have any questions on anything related to our driveway markers, do not hesitate to ask.


Driveway markers are in general very easy to install. They are fiberglass so have some rigidity to them that allow them to be driven into the ground very simply. But the driveway marker installation tool really does help make the process much more simply.  Having a quality snow stake allows the product to stay stiff enough to be driven into the ground without any issues. Snow removal companies should focus on good quality snow stakes and get them into the ground early enough to save time and money.

Our Snow Stakes Wind Up In Weird Places

grand canyon photo snow stakes

Honestly, I have no clue how are snow stakes end up in the weird places that they do. The Grand Canyon sticking out of a fence post? Love it, don’t get why it’s there, but I love it.

I have seen some weird spots that Discount Snow Stake’s driveway markers have been. On roofs of buildings, poles for growing tomatoes, tent modification props etc.

Anyway, great to see Discount Snow Stakes repping in the Grand Canyon. Please send us pics of any weird places you see our stakes.

The Uber For Snow Plows Pro’s and Cons

uber for snow plowing

Uber is a super successful do it yourself cab company. It’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s efficient. So why can’t the same model be taken and applied to snow plowing? The concept is the exact same, but the realities of needing a ride to a bar and needing your driveway plowed during a snow storm are completely different.

Our friends at Plow Me have been working this strategy for years and have made it a workable business. This coming snow plowing season is looking to be their best with a ton of improvements on the horizon.

Also, Snow Business magazine highlighted this Winnipeg Metro article. Basically, the city of Winnipeg is looking to have smaller independent snow plow truck drivers sub from the city in an uber style app.

Overall the technology and customer acceptance is close for “uber for snow plow” technology. I’m excited to see how it evolves in the coming years. 

driveway markers

Discount Snow Stakes Selling On The Side – Snow Business Magazine

driveway markersWe deal with a lot more products than just snow stakes. Depending on the season and product availability, we may distribute salt, shovels or walk behind salt spreaders. Sometimes, our bigger customers want to try their hand at reselling these products to earn a couple extra bucks. We have had more of our customers turn this into a success rather than fail at trying to become resellers, but there are a ton of risks that you take when trying your hand in the retail game.

Here is an article from Snow Business Magazine that outlines some of the pros and cons of distributing items like salt and other retail items. To be successful and turn it into a couple extra bucks, you obviously need good distributors that will work with you. The distributor should ultimately have your best interests in mind and not try to get you to take on more product than you can probably handle. Also, you need operations set up prior to taking on the product and figuring it out. What I mean by that is, where will you store the salt? can you keep it dry and safe from theft? Do you have someone on hand that can load it for customers? Will you bill customers? Cash only?

Overall there is always money to be made by moving good products and materials but taking the proper precautions is an important factor to consider. 

Does The Quality Of Your Snow Stakes Matter To You?

Does the quality of your snow stakes matter to you? As we get closer to the end of the snow removal season, we are preparing to make modifications on our driveway markers. So the question we need help answering is, does the quality of the fiberglass stake matter?

discount snow stakes

The fiberglass quality of our stake is professional grade. Our armor-tech poly cap improves every year and our reflective tape is highway sign grade. But… Does it matter to you? Every year we come up with lower price alternatives to compete with wood stakes. We also need to compete with the 3 foot stake and hollow stake pricing which can be as low as $.59. We think these options are junk, but, doesn’t matter what Discount Snow Stakes thinks, it matters what you think.  Please tell us.

So, in closing…. is the lowest price snow stake most important to you? Or is having a quality driveway marker significant?

Take our driveway marker poll,  share on social media an get 4 ft snow stakes for $.95 for the rest of March, any quantity.


End Of Season Reminder! Did You Remember To Pickup Your Snow Stakes?

driveway markers
snow stakesSnow Stakes

Did you remember to go and pick up your snow stakes from all of your properties? If not, go now. Every day that goes by in March, you have less of a chance that you will get back your precious driveway markers. Obviously it depends on where you are located and what the weather is like, but for the most part, the snow is melted.

Once your properties are clear of snow, it is very important to go and retrieve the stakes from the sites. As the days pass, there is more of a chance for theft or clearing of the markers. That means you will potentially lose out on your stakes and have to re order come next year.

Contractors spend anywhere from $500 to $5000 on their snow stakes. Since our snow stakes are such high quality and you can reuse them year after year, you should protect your investment, get out there and get your stakes back!

Reflective Snow Stakes In The Dark

In my opinion, the most important thing when staking properties is the ability to see the markers at night. In this video, the snow has already melted. You get to see the entire snow stake.

A couple of things to note. First, these are 4 foot driveway markers. They look to be properly installed which means they are about 10″ into the ground. Are 4 footers too small for snow removal contractors?  5 foot fiberglass markers may make more sense in this application in particular.

Second, many snow removal companies order snow stakes with no reflective tape. Imagine what the visibility would be on this road with non reflective snow stakes? There are lower traffic areas where it is less critical to have this kind of reflective properties, but overall, it is well worth the extra investment to get the PRO Line snow stakes.

Thank you to our customers who send these videos. It helps snow removal companies looking for a great product to see the end result.

And The Best Booth At The SIMA Show In Providence This Year Issssssssssss…..

discount snow stakes snow stake
driveway markers landscape ontario

1432! For like, the tenth consecutive year, Discount Snow Stakes will be exhibiting at the Snow & Ice Management Association Trade Show.  SIMA is by far our favorite show of the year. At every show location, we get to meet a ton of loyal customers that we have only talked to over the phone and never seen in person.

1432 is a little off the beaten path. Hook a right when you enter the exhibit hall and we are in the last aisle on the corner. This year, the show is a home game for us being in Providence Rhode Island. Providence is a totally under rated city, tons to do. Providence Bruins, Federal Hill, Providence Place Mall etc.

Looking forward to seeing all of our current customers and meeting more new ones. We will be hosting an event, location to be determined soon.

What Snow Stakes Diameter Should I Use? – 5/16″ vs 1/4″

Snow Stakes diameter is very important when determining what size you will invest in. There are 1/4″, 5/16″ and 3/8″ diameter driveway markers. Each diameter has its pros and cons. 

snow stakes with different diameters
snow stakes with different diameters

1/4″ Driveway Markers

These stakes are low cost and a better alternative to wooden stakes. The issue is the flexibility. Because there is much less fiberglass in the stake than the ticker diameters, they tend to be almost too pliable. I would say for big companies on a budget that order a lot of driveway stakes, these work. Also, these are good for homeowners that only need a few stakes but do not want to spend a lot.

5/16″ Driveway Stakes

This is really the sweet spot for driveway markers. These stakes have enough fiberglass where the stake is rigid enough to drive into the ground easily. Also, because of the super composites we use in our stakes, they are extremely flexible and durable.

3/8″ Snow Stakes

Stakes with 3/8″ are extremely thick and durable. Very high quality and they offer perfect visibility. The price on these  are a little higher because of the amount of fiberglass required to make the stakes. 3/8″ are not necessary in most applications.

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