3 Quick Driveway Markers Installation Tips

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How Many Snow Stakes To Use On Straight Driveways, Curvy Driveways?

Curvy driveways need to be staked a lot more than straight away driveways. Don’t skimp on the curves, not worth the headache of curb replacement come fall. There is not a footage I can recommend because the differences in curvatures on all landscapes, but more is better. Straight away roads and driveways are easy to stake, every 10 or even 20 feet for longer roads.

When Should I Stake My Properties?

Put em out too early and people are jousting with them in a Kmart parking lot, put em out to late and you have to break through ice to get a simple driveway stake in the ground. Trust me on this one… the week after Thanksgiving… That’s the money week, I poll TONS of customers and that week is the sweet spot. Of course if we are unseasonably cold, you gotta go the week before, unseasonable warm, and push it as far as you can.snow stake turkey






Should I Color Code Properties?

You don’t have to make staking your properties a scientific process. Picking one color and sticking with that is fine. However, staking hydrants and storm drains with blue markers makes sense to drivers…. speed bumps with yellow stakes etc….  Having a system can you save you money at the end of the season, that’s the point of using snow stakes in the first place. So make up an elaborate color scheme for obstacles on your properties… or don’t… just stake em and you’re good either way.

Some Disturbing News About Slushy …. Win FREE Snow Stakes

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So… It’s a busy time of year… Discount Snow Stakes sends out a TON of free t shirts to our VIP customers. On the t shirt it features our Mascot Slushy…… A lot of our best customers are telling me that Slushy is a monkey.

Slushy is NOT a monkey! He’s an Abominable Snow Man. Vote Below and let’s prove to the people Slushy’s true identity…. Gotta be an abominable … Has to be … If Slushy is an Abominable, I am giving away 100 FREE stakes to the 25th person to vote

The Real Cost Of Wood Snow Stakes

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wood driveway stakes

I love looking back to our older blogs. There is a ton of good information in them. I wrote this article like 3 years ago so I wanted to repost. You get your money back with fiberglass driveway markers in about 2 years. Plus wood stakes are tough to look at….. UGLY. Good stuff.

I remember when we first got into the snow stake and driveway marker business. There were only 1 or 2 other fiberglass snow stakes companies and then there were the retail outlets that sold wood driveway markers. I got to interact with more customers on a daily basis because when they shopped around, they only found a couple snow stake places. This was great, because I could explain the benefits of our fiberglass stakes over the competition and go into depth about the many downfalls of wood stakes.

We recently conducted some research about the cost of wood snow stakes verses fiberglass snow stake reflectors. The results were right on with what we expected:


Discount Snow Stakes – $1.09 $1009 for 1000
Wood Snow Markers – $.65 $650 for 1000

% Of Stakes Reused After 1 Year

Discount Snow Stakes – 84%
Wood Snow Markers – 32%

Cost To Get Back 1000 Stakes

Discount Snow Stakes – $163.50
Wood Snow Markers – $442

After one year, you are almost even with your driveway stake investment. Now, this doesn’t even consider the benefits offiberglass snow stakes over wood snow stakes. The ease of installation, the look of the stake, the reflective tape that allows you to see the properties at night time. After 2 years, the customers that we polled had lost almost 90% of their wooden stakes. Fiberglass snow stakes are almost entirely a no brainer. The initial extra investment is well worth it considering a 2 year spread, once you get to the third season, the investment has paid it self off.

Discount Snow Stakes And Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October. It seems like everyone from HUGE businesses like the NFL, to snow removal products businesses like Discount Snow Stakes tries to raise awareness in some way.  These efforts help with fund raising to get a chance at a cure.

For the past three years, we have made Pink Driveway Markers and donated a portion of the profits to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We hope to move even more this year to help with the fight against breast cancer. 

Video On Absolute Must Know Snow Stakes Facts

In this video Discount Snow Stakes shows the difference between our fiberglass driveway markers, the imitations and the competitions snow markers.

Three main things to know and understand. First is the quality of the fiberglass, second is that we are the only stake on the market with 9″ highway grade reflective tape. Lastly is the cap. Rubber caps aren’t fused onto the snow stake, they can be taken off easy and split during installation.

The point of using snow stakes is to protect your properties and limit plow damage costs. Make sure you are getting the stake that is not only best for your budget, but also to save you money. 

Coca-Cola Red Snow Stakes Are Looking Good

red snow stakes
red driveway markers

We were hard at work this off season getting our red snow stakes to
the perfect color. We wanted to mimic coca cola red on both the cap and the fiberglass marker itself. 

We succeeded. The red driveway markers came out great. They are bright and vibrant.

Red helps stand out against the majority orange colored snow markers.  This will not only allow your plow drivers to more easily identify your properties, but also, you will stand out from your competition just a little bit more. 

Great SBM Article, All Goes Back To Snow Stakes

driveway markers damage

Great article via Snow Business Magazine on preseason walk through best practices. 

One of the most important preseason things to do is site inspection. Check the concrete, curbing, asphalt and walls on all properties. Even take pictures to document existing damage. 

You can use snow stakes on all of your properties the correct way and still end up paying for “plow damage” if you don’t inspect the properties top to bottom. 

What To Know Before Ordering Snow Stakes

Wrote this Blog 5 years ago but re post every year! Just some simple things that make us stand out from the competition.

discount snow stakes
When getting ready to stock up on your snow stakes for the season, sometimes it’s alot easier to shop around a few places and go with the cheapest option. Unfortunately, going with the cheapest reflective driveway markers can actually cost you money in the long run. Here are a few things to consider when choosing what snow marker you will use for the upcoming season:

Snow Stakes Cap – Our caps are hard plastic, they protect the stake from fraying and are much more durable than a rubber cap. Also, they don’t rust like metal caps do and won’t scratch plow trucks

Fiberglass – We have the highest grade fiberglass snow marker available, it is able to maintain rigidity but also, you can flex it in a full “U’ as seen in our video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1wbxFw9Y8Y

Plow Stake Marker Variety – We have 4 different sizes, and 4 different colors of our snow stakes. Anything our customers need, we get for them. Custom snow stake orders etc.

Price – We are always priced below our competition for snow markers. Be sure to ask what diameter snow stakes are when getting quotes, also, check with suppliers that the snow stakes being quoted have cap and tape. Often, you will get a lower quote for a cheaper stake. Quality and durability are what really save you money in the long run. Thats what Discount Snow Stakes Offer

Service – We go above and beyond for all of our customers. Whatever you need, we provide. Visit our site and social media links for great deals on snow stakes. We look forward to becoming business partners!

Discount Snow Stakes Hoodies !

Now you can rock Discount Snow Stakes Gear while plowing all night! We got our high quality hoodies in. We have large, XL and even XXL for the big boys.

Get em while they’re hot… only have a limited amount.

Driveway Markers Hoodie

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