How Visible Are Fiberglass Markers At Night?

Customers always ask me if the reflective tape on a snow stake is important. It’s actually the number one question we get when plow guys are trying to stick to a budget for their snow stakes. If you get plain markers without the tape, you save about 20% on price. Problem is, fiberglass can’t glow in the dark. Even with our fluorescent color stakes, without the tape, they simply will not reflect. And regardless of what the competition may tell you about their snow stakes, theirs won’t either.

In the video, it is clear to see that our extreme visibility reflective tape shines right back at you making it easy to see where the road ends. This application in particular is in a rural area where there isn’t much light, so using your stakes as a guide is even more important and pretty much the only tool the snow plow truck has to rely on.

In my opinion, a commercial or town contractor should always get reflective snow stakes. Not only does it save the plow companies money in replacement cost, it can mean the difference between a safe plowing night and a potential accident.

Fiberglass markers are visible at night!

Discount Snow Stakes In Durango Colorado

durango stake

One of our customers in Durango Colorado has to use snow stakes on a 4 mile lot. This lot is at 9000 feet elevation with about 50 hair pin turns. Needless to say it is extremely important to have high quality reflective markers on the road.

Colorado obviously has heavy snow fall so making sure roads are staked properly can mean the difference between safety and potential disaster. In this pic you can see how effective our snow stakes are at guiding the way on the road. 

Check out the video of the road. Tons of snow, tons of stakes. Stay safe in Durango.

Discount Snow Stakes Merchandise

So, this year we launched some merchandise so our customers could rock The Discount Snow Stakes name. We even had some limited edition kids gear.

discount snow stakes

Overall, the t shirts, long sleeve shirts and hoodies with our mascot Slushy were a huge hit. Thanks for all the support.

Discount Snow Stake At Landscape Ontario Booth 847

discount snow stakes
driveway markers landscape ontario

Discount Snow Stakes is currently exhibiting at the Landscape Ontario Congress Trade Show. We are at booth 847. You can come visit us to see our high quality fiberglass driveway markers. We will also be displaying our Ice Master PRO 5000 and snow shovel line.

Nikki will be at the booth from open to close and yes, she baked her famous snow stake pretzel sticks. Come see us!


Snow Stakes Customer Service Team Honored In Snow Business Magazine

driveway markers

The customer service team at Discount Snow Stakes works extremely hard every day. I witness it throughout the season and can’t believe my eyes sometimes. It is awesome that they got picked to be an All-Star of Snow & Ice in Snow Business Magazine.

During the busy season, we have a same day shipping pledge that we follow. As winter approaches and the pressure of getting all orders out same day increases, we take an all hands on deck approach and have the entire company working in the warehouse to ensure everything gets out.

Also, the driveway marker business is the definition of a seasonal endeavor. This means that we work around the clock to make sure all customers have a person to talk with and not a recording. This helps customers to know that their order of snow stakes is taken care of and getting sent their way. The customer doesn’t have to rely on answering machines or automated emails to update them.

Thanks to the Discount Snow Stakes team for working so hard this season and thank you to Snow Business Magazine for recognizing us. 

Cyber Monday Snow Stakes Salt Spreaders And Shovel Sale

driveway markers
driveway markers
Cyber Monday Blowout On PRO Line
Valid today until 5pm only! NO retro active discounts, NO discounts tomorrow!

The Best Black Friday Snow Stake Sale

black driveway markers

Customers have been waiting outside our building since 2am! People are pushing and shoving, yelling at each other, it’s insane. Just Kidding. It would stink if you had to go through all of that just to get great snow stakes, but our company isn’t like Walmart or Home Depot, we make it easy.

We take black Friday quite literal at Discount Snow Stakes. All black driveway markers for $.85/stake, no matter what quantity.

BOOM! Deal of the century.


3 Quick Driveway Markers Installation Tips

driveway markers on island

How Many Snow Stakes To Use On Straight Driveways, Curvy Driveways?

Curvy driveways need to be staked a lot more than straight away driveways. Don’t skimp on the curves, not worth the headache of curb replacement come fall. There is not a footage I can recommend because the differences in curvatures on all landscapes, but more is better. Straight away roads and driveways are easy to stake, every 10 or even 20 feet for longer roads.

When Should I Stake My Properties?

Put em out too early and people are jousting with them in a Kmart parking lot, put em out to late and you have to break through ice to get a simple driveway stake in the ground. Trust me on this one… the week after Thanksgiving… That’s the money week, I poll TONS of customers and that week is the sweet spot. Of course if we are unseasonably cold, you gotta go the week before, unseasonable warm, and push it as far as you can.snow stake turkey






Should I Color Code Properties?

You don’t have to make staking your properties a scientific process. Picking one color and sticking with that is fine. However, staking hydrants and storm drains with blue markers makes sense to drivers…. speed bumps with yellow stakes etc….  Having a system can you save you money at the end of the season, that’s the point of using snow stakes in the first place. So make up an elaborate color scheme for obstacles on your properties… or don’t… just stake em and you’re good either way.

Some Disturbing News About Slushy …. Win FREE Snow Stakes

driveway markers

So… It’s a busy time of year… Discount Snow Stakes sends out a TON of free t shirts to our VIP customers. On the t shirt it features our Mascot Slushy…… A lot of our best customers are telling me that Slushy is a monkey.

Slushy is NOT a monkey! He’s an Abominable Snow Man. Vote Below and let’s prove to the people Slushy’s true identity…. Gotta be an abominable … Has to be … If Slushy is an Abominable, I am giving away 100 FREE stakes to the 25th person to vote

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